Uruguay size too big for ten Russians

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SAMARA – Uruguay at the world cup in a convincing way, the winner of Group A will be crowned. The South Americans were all for peace with Russia: 3-0.

Luis Suarez opened the score from a free kick.

Luis Suarez opened soon the score from a free kick, after which a changed direction shot from Diego Luxalt the margin after 23 minutes doubled. The tragedy for Russia, that already was placed for the next round, it was ten minutes before the rest even bigger. The host country came with ten men after a red card for Igor Smolnikov.

This played the Russians lost a football game. For the host country, it was the first defeat of this world cup, after previously convincing was won of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia (5-0), and Egypt (3-1). Uruguay, however, there came no moment in the problems and was in the final stage, even the 3-0. Edinson Cavani made from the rebound his first match this world cup. Uruguay takes it in the eighth-finals against the number two of Group B. That fight is tonight and decide.

Spain and Portugal to introduce at this time the ranking in that group, with both four points out of two duels. Iran follows the two countries, however on a point and has a placement for the eighth-finals in their own hands. With a win in Portugal, the Asians sure of the next round, in a draw, Iran has needed the help of the already disabled Morocco. That country play against Spain.

Edinson Cavani

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