Trump pulls out to talkshowhost Jimmy Fallon: “Be a man”

e746b61ede99f3ec50175a962508764a - Trump pulls out to talkshowhost Jimmy Fallon: "Be a man"

The American president Donald Trump has today taken out to talkshowhost Jimmy Fallon of “The Tonight show”. Trump, who was still a presidential candidate, was two years ago, a guest on Fallon. During that interview asked Fallon whether he is the hair of Trump by each other could get, to the great jolijt of the viewers. Received afterwards the talkshowhost much criticism. He would Trump “human”. Recently gave Fallon that he made a mistake and that he would otherwise tackle. Trump thinks Fallon should stop “whining”.

Trump tweeted today: “He is now whining to everyone about the famous haarshow that he with me did (when he my her seriously in the war brought) and that he now would do differently, because the gesture of me ‘human’ would have made – it is too hot under his feet. He called me and said ‘monsterkijkcijfers’. Be a man Jimmy!”

“I’m sorry, I have no one here pain in joining. As I look back, I would have done differently,” he told Fallon in a recent interview. Since the show with Trump would be the ratings of Jimmy down are gone. Critics would call him on a political level ‘to light’.

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