Trump is ‘filthy’ restaurant that spokesperson walk sent

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The owner of a restaurant in the U.s. Virginia has Sarah Sanders, the spokeswoman of the White House, from his case because they for the American president works. The answer of Donald Trump would not be long in coming.

Trump in a tweet out to rescue Them, the restaurant in Viriginia that press secretary Sarah Sanders refused. ‘The restaurant would be more need to focus on brushing her dirty canopies, doors and windows (there would be urgently painted should be), than to reject a nice person as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, ” says Trump.

“I have always had one rule: if a restaurant it look dirty on the outside, so is inside!’, decision of the president.


Sanders tweette that they chose a bite to eat went to eat in the restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. “The owner has asked me to leave because I for the president’s work,” says Sanders. ‘So I politely left. I try people always treat with respect, even those with whom I disagree. I will continue to do so.’

There is also criticism on the post of Sarah Sanders. Walter Shaub, the federal ethics director under Barack Obama, and also briefly under Donald Trump, says in The Guardian: ‘Sanders has her official overheidsaccount used to be a private matter to attack for personal reasons. They should do that in her free time and in her own name, but not from an official position.’


Last week reacted activists in Washington furious when she Kirstjen Nielsen, who as minister responsible for the harsh anti-immigration policies, calculated in a Mexican restaurant and saw food.

The demonstrators did angry the popular restaurant MXDC Cocina Mexicana, near the White House, within. “Shame!” and ” stop separating families’, they called the bewindsvrouw. Nielsen is secretary of Homeland Security. After ten minutes, to be booed, he left Nielsen, the restaurant.

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