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These were the tops and flops of Graspop

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The Bloody Beetroots

Headbanging on beats

Masked men, there looks to be no man still on it, on Graspop. Unless those masks with a combination of guitars and heavy technobeats to come up. And furthermore, they all agree on Tomorrowland play.

Officially called The Bloody Beetroots, a dj duo, but for Graspop is there “live” the band added. Result: a dj set with a drummer, a redundant wing, sturdy guitars and two madly about the stage rondhossende Dj’s.

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Iron Maiden

More kostuumwissels than Beyoncé

What have Pokémon, Angry Birds and Iron Maiden have in common? They all three of us have a popular smartphonegame. But only one of them is Graspopheadliner – unless we are here tomorrow is still a Pikachu bump into.

We have that Legacy of the Beast-game even tried while we were waiting – okay, be honest: it was during the encores of a rather annoying Avenged Sevenfold – and it turns out a pretty nice role playing game in which you have different incarnations of Maiden’s mascot, Eddie, for you can fight. Now say that a dinosaurusband like Iron Maiden – average age 60 years – not to the kids think.

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A Perfect Circle

How crib I have a whey asleep?

James Maynard Keenan remains an intriguing figure. Or he is now in the Tool behind a gas mask/microphone is clogged or when A Perfect Circle the lead demand from a conscious half a meter next to the spotlight. A whole set of a long time, he remained a Gmm from a small central and unexposed podiumpje toezingen. The concert was no less strange.

A Perfect Circle has address class and craftsmanship in the house, let there be no doubt about that. But it is as a listener, always look where guitarist Billy Howerdel and Keenan want to go. The last album, ‘Eat the elephant’ sounds very poppy, the title track far on the head. The contrasts brightly with potiger songs like “3 libras become’ and ‘Rose’ from debut album ‘Mer de noms’ early in the set have been covered.

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Marilyn Manson

Who would want to murder for Manson?

‘Graspop. Graspop! Graspop. All you motherfuckers! Graspop.’ At his greeting of the audience went to Marilyn Manson to sputter, and he got the engine never really started.

‘It’s better than a sex scene,” had Manson us however promised in ‘Mobscene’. That bar was not met, but The Pale Emperor seemed well recovered from the severe injuries he at the end of last year amounted. When thundered during a concert a decorative element in the shape of a gun on him. Now it was Manson smarter: the large pieces of scenery remained at home.

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Photos: Koen Bauters

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