The Parkpop festival is visited by 200,000 people

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200,000 people have Sunday in The Hague, the 38th edition of the Parkpop festival visited. This, the organization has announced. The BAND closed the largest free pop festival of the Netherlands.

Paskal Jakobsen, lead singer of the Band.

Spread over six stages performed more than thirty bands, including The Youth of Today, The Fratelli’s, and The Analogues.

Since a few years is the Parkpop festival expanded to two days must be paid. Friday night there was the Parkpop festival Downtown in the heart of the Hague. Saturday could be the lovers of the hits of the seventies until the year 2000 ended up at the Parkpop festival Saturday Night.

Parkpop was not the only well-attended music festival this weekend. Festival Mundial in Tilburg, the netherlands reported 14,000 visitors for the 31st edition.

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