‘The Little Witch’ has the voice of Tinne Oltmans

e0c43efd3063c031f32674e8475406cb - 'The Little Witch' has the voice of Tinne Oltmans

Tinne Oltmans has little in the way of an evil figure, yet her voice became chosen for “The Little Witch”. From 25 July, you can the new film in the cinema.

The film is based on the bestseller from 1957 the “Little Hexe”, the renowned book of Otfried Preußle. In ‘The Little Witch’, we learn a little witch know, who, together with her raven Abraxas (with the voice of Sven De Ridder) hidden deep in the forest lives. She is determined to be the best witch ever. Though there is one problem: with its 127 years of age she is too young to take part in the heksenbijeenkomst. When she still secretly goes, she gets a penalty. What is the small witch waiting for? She will have her task complete? From 25 July , you can, “The Little Witch” in the Flemish cinemas.

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