The buttocks of Pommeline do ’so much pain’

145b8377b01f30952ecfae47310ad9f2 - The buttocks of Pommeline do ’so much pain’

Pommeline has her buttocks let increase, but it hurts more than she had expected.

That leaves the former Temptation temptress know on her Instagram. In a video and in the caption let them know that the pain is fierce. “With the painkillers that I have, do I survive the course, I have to float in my head.”

Anyway, she has it gladly. “Happy with my bottom,” she says in the video, while the inflated results. How long they will do? In november last year she left even though her rear end enlarge, but soon enough the new format no longer. She is not the only Temptation-the contestant who opts for larger buttocks.

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