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The Bloody Beetroots. Headbanging on beats

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Masked men, there looks to be no man still on it, on Graspop. Unless those masks with a combination of guitars and heavy technobeats to come up. And furthermore, they all agree on Tomorrowland play.

Officially called The Bloody Beetroots, a dj duo, but for Graspop is there “live” the band added. Result: a dj set with a drummer, a redundant wing, sturdy guitars and two madly about the stage rondhossende Dj’s.

And it works. The Metal Dome is flooding, and the energy leaps off the stage. The kids want to noise and guitars, but when the sun goes down, they want to complete from the ball, dancing and boenken. After a whole day of sort and recycled bands, the Bloody Beetroots a refreshing alternative. Equally hard, but completely different. With their rousing set, they get 9 huge tent effortlessly to the corridor.

To subtly build up to do that beets do not. A whole hour long is played as if each beat of the last. This is not a one-time experiment, where you can – edition 2019 bearing in mind – poison to take. At fat beats, you can also headbanging.

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