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Swiss get fines for controversial doelpuntenviering

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The Swiss internationals Xherdan Shaqiri, Granit Xhaka and Stephan Lichtsteiner, as well as the Serbian’s coach Mladen Krstajic be punished with a fine for their behaviour at the world cup. They also received a warning from the Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA. Further, the Serbian federation and the Argentine federation fined.

Shaqiri and Xhaka should each have 10,000 Swiss francs (8.665 euro) to pay for their controversial doelpuntenvieringen, Lichtsteiner was given a fine of 5,000 Swiss francs (4.332 euros). After their goals in the 2-1 win match against Serbia did Shaqiri and Xhaka with their hands a bird, what can be seen as a reference to the eagle in the flag of Albania. Both Xhaka as Shaqiri have Kosovo-Albanian roots. The relations between Albania and Kosovo, and on the other hand, Serbia are still extremely sensitive. Also Lichtsteiner made this striking gesture.

Krstajic, who 4.332 euros have to pay, is punished for his statements after the Serbia-Switzerland. The Serbian coach said that the German referee, Felix Brych, who, according to Krstajic, erroneously, a penalty not whistled, to the Hague tribunal sent had to be. Krstajic was referring thus to the Joegoslaviëtribunaal in The Hague that for years has bent over war crimes committed during the Yugoslav civil wars of the ‘90s.

The Serbian association must 54.000 Swiss franc (46.789 euro) to pay for “discriminatory flags” and oorlogskreten because of the Serbian supporters.

Also Argentinians punished

Finally, also got the Argentine federation a hearty fine of 90.979 euro because of the behavior of its supporters during and after the 3-0 lost match against Croatia. They were according to the FIFA guilty of brawling, throwing of objects, insults and homophobic chants. The financial penalty also has partly to do with the fact that there is no Argentine player to the interview right after the match came.

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