Supreme committee for elections: Erdogan has the majority of votes

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ISTANBUL – The Turkish supreme committee for elections, president Recep Tayyip Erdogan Monday officially declared the winner of the elections. According to chairman Sadi Güven has Erdogan more than half of the votes after 97,2 percent of the votes counted. This is not a second election is needed, reports state news agency Anadolu.

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People in Turkey are celebrating.

Güven was also made known that the pro-Kurdish party HDP, who is not lijstverbinding, the new electoral threshold of 10 percent has been in the parliament. Erdogan spoke after the publication of his supporters in Ankara, at the building of the AK party. The president had already had the victory claimed.


When the provisional results Sunday became known, made the opposition immediately objected. But the spokesman of the centre-left CHP calls on the voters to keep everyone calm and not to be provoked. CHP candidate Muharrem Ince will be in the course from Monday morning to react on the results.

The CHP stated previously questioned the live polls of state-owned media such as Hürriyet. Ince’s party is that the message is aimed, ” the results of the election’. On the basis of own data, scored the president at no time more than 48 percent, according to the party.

The government spokesman made the news when Erdogan, according to Turkish state media, by far the most votes had gathered. The state-controlled media brought on the election night of a ’live’ scoreboard. According to their counts, go Erdogan – at the time of writing 98% of the votes counted – to-head with 52.5% of the votes. His biggest rival Muharrem Ince, from the centre-left CHP, with 30.7 percent.

“Our people has given us the task given to the presidential and executive office to exercise,” said Erdogan in a speech in Istanbul. “I hope that no one, a shadow will be cast over the results, and the democracy will cause damage to the own failure to hide,” sneered he clearly to the allegations of fraud (see below).

Erdogan thanked the Turkish voters, among whom a large majority of the Dutch voters, for the trust put in him. The alliance of his ruling AK party in parliament, the support of the right-nationalist MHP and has now the mandate of the public.

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Congratulations from Amsterdam, the netherlands

The Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic and the Hungarian leader Victor Orbán have the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan Sunday night as the first congratulations on his electoral triumph. That has the state news agency Anadolu reported.

Also in the Netherlands, the profit of Erdogan celebrated. In the Amsterdam neighbourhood of Bos en Lommer filled a parade of honking cars with Turkish flags in the streets. In The Baarsjes came dozens of Turkish fans together with a lot of vlagvertoon. Also from other cities, such as Amersfoort, large processions are also reported.

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In the past, reported state news agency Anadolu, after the closing of the polling stations invariably a large lead of Erdogan. As the evening progressed, it was getting smaller and smaller.

Actually was only one question for the evening is relevant: remains Erdogan is above 50 percent? He has an absolute majority necessary for a new term. He would have that threshold, then it would be on 8 July, a second round will follow, with only one opponent. That scenario is now out of the track.


At the same time with the presidential elections there are also elections. Also leading the AK party, with 42 percent of the vote. The CHP party has 22 percent, the AK-faithful MHP eleven and the pro-Kurdish HDP also eleven, according to the state media. This gives the Kurds the new electoral threshold is passed.

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