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Strong criticism of the Red Devils: “they Think they semi final can pick up? Then they have no understanding of football”

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Five goals, and it had there are still a lot more. The Red Devils were on many observers impressing with their strong attacking performance against Tunisia. But this approach is not too naive? The Dutch sports journalist Valentijn Driessen thinks so and expresses the euphoria expertly in the head. According to him, should the performance of the Red Devils not be overestimated, the Belgians are too fragile in the back and Hazard and Lukaku aren’t as good as we think.



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3-0 against Panama and 5-2 against Tunisia. The Red Devils showed in their first two matches in the group stage little doubt about who the strongest was. Especially that last match led to believe that the Belgians far can touch on the football. The world press sees the Red Devils suddenly as one of the favorites and even the bookies have their odds adjusted. The gokkantoren see the Belgians as the biggest contender on a victory, after Brazil and Spain.

But not everyone is impressed by the Belgians, who, along with Russia and England have the best attack of the tournament. The Dutch sports journalist Valentijn Driessen, who writes for the newspaper The Telegraph and also arranged a guest of the well-known voetbalpraatprogramma Football Inside, pulls the shoulders at the figures of the Red Devils. He points to the weak opposition: Panama and Tunisia. “These are just the two worst countries in this world cup.”

The red Devils are too fragile in the back

Driessen saw the Red Devils are at work in Moscow and poses questions about their hyperaanvallende way of playing. “I think they are blinded by these results, because they really think that you can play football. The back is just a swiss cheese. No speed in the back, with Vertonghen, Alderweireld and Bokata (Boyata, sic), which at Twente failed – here he is just at the world cup. That’s simply not against the big countries. The second round, then it will be over.”

Belgium gradually begins to hope for a matching of the semi-final who won the world cup ‘86, elicited a chuckle out of the Dutchman. “Think of the Belgians at half or final? Think the Belgians are all wrong, or they have little knowledge of football. If this team against a good attack comes to play, they go very a lot of goals to cash. Tunisia scored two, and they score never at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS.”

Too much ball loss with the Hazard and Lukaku

Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku, the two players with the Belgians, he found himself not as good as we think. “Hazard is a good player, but he also makes a lot of errors. A lot of losts. Lukaku also. Who scores easy, but for the rest… I was actually not impressed. The first fifteen minutes I found them good, high tempo, but then fell away. That are not world champion.”


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Next Thursday is the last team contest on the program for the Red Devils. They then take it to 20 hours on against England. Depending on the result in that match, playing the Belgians Monday or Tuesday night for their eighth finals.

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