Sting sneers at the “cowardice” of leaders in migratiecrisis

460200f00bc83ad9679b4cd439687c16 - Sting sneers at the "cowardice" of leaders in migratiecrisis

The British singer Sting has Saturday the political leaders “cowards” in their approach of the migratiecrisis and has the role of Greece praised.

“Thank god for Greece, because the road have pointed out”, said Sting Saturday night at an event by Amnesty International. “You showed how refugees treats when others building walls. In times in which the children of their parents are separated and in cages to be caught, to trade you with compassion, generosity and common sense,” says the former frontman of The Police. That is reported by the Athens News Agency.

Donald Trump came out Wednesday, back on its zero-tolerance policy with children in closed centers to be placed away from their parents, without knowing what happens with them will happen, or where their family is. That ‘zero tolerance’-migration was international under fire, and Trump signed Wednesday a decree to this back to screws. More than 2,300 children and young migrants were separated from their families after their arrest at the border.

“Because our so-called leaders, a sad parade of cowards, no solution has been found. Democracy started here in Greece, you show us how you civilized can be,” says Sting.

Greece, with 11 million inhabitants, recorded last year 58.661 asylum applications. That is a applicant per 187 inhabitants and the highest ratio in the EU, according to official statistics.

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