“Spain is not search and rescue’

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MADRID – Spain wants to be a responsible politics regarding migration, but is not always the boats with refugees who elsewhere be denied. “Spain is not a rescue team,” said the Spanish minister of Public Works, José Luis Abalos, Monday in an interview on the tv.

José Luis Abalos.

Abalos got questions about migration as a result of boats with out sea opgepikte migrants. Spain said earlier this month the ship to the Aquarius with about six hundred migrants. That was after Italy and Malta no consent had been given to a port.

The new Italian predominantly right-populist government of prime minister Giuseppe Conte wanted to send a signal to the rest of Europe that the country is the influx of refugees is tired. The new Spanish government of prime minister Pedro Sánchez wanted to understand its humanitarian face.

The note of minister Abalos notes that, with regard to Spain at the Aquarius. The vessel Lifeline, which is now in Maltese waters is without a port in sight, would not Spain be admitted.

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