Solid wage increase for Dutch civil servants

c721e61a963a2d5fec4f363df59c4528 - Solid wage increase for Dutch civil servants

The 120,000 Dutch civil servants get the next eighteen months, 7 per cent more wages. Wants the state to present itself as an attractive employer.

That are the trade unions and the Dutch minister of the Interior, Kasja Ollongren Monday agreed. On July 1, the increase of wages with 3 percent, on January 1, will there be a one-time bonus of 450 euro gross, and on 1 July next year, 2 percent. In January 2020 with a further 2 percent.

The Dutch minister is satisfied with the agreement. “I’m very happy that there is agreement. It is a nice result, more than the average earnings in the market. So also benefit public servants from the economic growth. The rich wants to be an attractive employer and good people attract and retain. I am proud of what our people do, from road maintenance to the collection of taxes, from counter-terrorism to inspections in the health care system.’

A serious wage increase, therefore, for the Dutch officials. In the Netherlands they know, however, no indexing, such as in Belgium, where the wages with it is evolving with the cost of living. So the wages of our civil servants by 2 per cent up whenever the health index is exceeded. That happened for the last time in may of 2017. The agency expects this to be in August from happening again. In 2019 there would be, however, no exceedance of the health index to take place.

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