Sick father, Michael Jackson breaks silence

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Through a somewhat mysterious tweet Joe Jackson, the father of Michael Jackson, make their voices heard. Last week he came in the news because a other son, Jermaine, announced that it will be very bad with the health of the patriarch.

“I have more sunsets than I can see. The sun is coming up when the time is right and you do it well, like it or not: the sun is going down when it is so”, wrote Jackson in a photo of himself in which he stares at the horizon. The tweet of the 89-year-old Joe went immediately viral and got a lot of response from fans. “Stay strong, mr. Jackson, you have so much beautiful music to the world with your family,” wrote a follower.

Daughter Janet praised her father last Friday, when she has the Radio Disney Music Awards’ Impact trophy received. “”It is great to be recognized as someone who has had a positive influence on the lives of others. But I can only achieve because I am surrounded by good people. My mother care me with all the love that she and my father brought out the best in me.”

The old Jackson has been a while, ill and is struggling with an incurable form of cancer. He would the hospital staff have commissioned his family not to admit to his room, because he doesn’t want him in this state. According to Jermaine, this was especially heartbreaking for his mother, Katherine, who eventually, through their attorney visitation afdwong and to her husband.

Meanwhile, we have other family members Joe in the hospital.

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