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Sebastian Vettel during the GP of France was elected ‘Driver of The Day’

d26c23907a77f42513de9339e51baf47 - Sebastian Vettel during the GP of France was elected 'Driver of The Day'

The German Sebastian Vettel during the grand prix of France by the F1 fans voted ‘Driver of The Day’.

Vettel started the race in third place and knew, at first, a good start. Then he came into the first corner contact with Valtteri Bottas in the Mercedes. Both men saw themselves in need of a pit stop because their cars are too heavy damaged.

On the penultimate place made Vettel then an impressive catching up. The German dropped one after the other overtaking show and finished as fifth.

Also the F1 fans knew the great catching up of the German, clearly to appreciate, and they rewarded him for the second race in a row, with the title of ‘Driver of The Day’.

Summary of winners ‘Driver of The Day award:
GP of Australia: Fernando Alonso
GP of Bahrain: Pierre Gasly
GP of China: Daniel Ricciardo
GP of Azerbaijan: Charles Leclerc
GP of Spain: Lewis Hamilton
GP of Monaco: Daniel Ricciardo
GP of Canada: Sebastian Vettel
GP of France: Sebastian Vettel

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