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Searches and new corruption scandal at Benfica

b4588041ca67e605a42ec99e9146b2b5 - Searches and new corruption scandal at Benfica

Monday came a new corruption scandal around the Portuguese football team Benfica at the light. The police conducted searches in the stadium of the club from Lisbon. According to the public prosecutor of Porto arrived at the homes, in the context of a study of “sports corruption”. The police were also at three other clubs from the top division.

In total, there were four sporting organizations of searches performed. The searches took place in Lisbon, Setubal, and some of the smaller towns of the north of Portugal. They came there after Benfica suspected of active and passive bribery, conflicts of interest, and the provision of unjustified benefits. That made the public prosecutor of Porto Monday known.

Barely six months after the president of Benfica by a judge was accused of conflicts of interest, there is now again a study is opened. Benfica is suspected of bribes to players of other clubs that they might be more motivated to champion FC Porto to beat.

The clubs would be approached, dangle all of them at the bottom of the standings. In concrete terms, to Vitoria Setubal, Desportivo das Aves and Paços de Ferreira. In an enigmatic statement denies Benfica the allegations. The club argues that the current research was caused by “an anonymous tip from Porto” and ensures that there is always, according to the law acted.

Even before the investigation of president Luis Filipe Vieira at the end of January opened, it was Benfica in October, endorsed by the court in a case called “the e-mail affair”. When was the club suspected of the establishment of a corruptiesysteem intended to referees in their favor to make flutes. It was rival FC Porto who this alleged fraud to light brought.

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