’Reception of migrants at two military bases to US

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WASHINGTON – The U.s. military is preparing for the reception of immigrants at two military bases in Texas. American government sources said that the intention is temporary encampments to focus in on Fort Bliss and the Goodfellow Air Force Base.

In Fort Bliss would an encampment be arranged for families whose parents have criminal prosecution wait because they are illegally in the U.S. entered. On the Goodfellow Air Force Base would childcare be arranged for children who are without parents the border crossing. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis had earlier said that there is shelter in two military bases would come, but he said not to which locations it goes.

President Donald Trump made last week an end to the controversial policy, children of illegal immigrants after arrival in the USA to separate from their parents and separate. Illegal immigrants with children get now priority during the completion of the procedures.

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