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Portugal almost under against Iran

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Portugal is the winner of group B at the world cup. The European champion played only the same: it was 1-1 after a wereldgoal of Quaresma and a penalty of Ansarifard. Iran missed in injury time is still a huge opportunity for the winning hit. Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t have his happiest evening with a penaltymisser, moreover, he escaped in the end to a red card.

Advance had both Portugal and Iran views on a ticket to the eighth finals. Portugal, like Spain four points garnered, while the Iranians after their victory against Morocco three points counted. Profit would be both teams a place in the next round of produce. Iran had better win, and that was also evident in the delivered game: of the men of the Middle East against Spain, the bus parked, there was today something aanvallender played. It gave them some small kansjes in the initial phase, all led nowhere. On the other side had Cristiano Ronaldo also left its mark: he is to bounce back after two minutes straight at the goalkeeper Beiranvand.

Wereldgoal Quaresma

The nerves were standing at the Iranians tight and that caused even for a defined between Saeid Ezatolahi, and goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand, which is just next to that is two times the ball went down, and so nearly the opening goal gave away to Adrien Silva. Much more action was there not to live in Saransk. On the other side was not much better: even the great Ronaldo was the difference for his country. The party seemed to be so on a brilscore to be heading to the rest, but thought Ricardo Quaresma otherwise. With buitenkantje right but the ex-player of Barcelona, Internazionale and Chelsea the ball over Beiranvand: 0-1 for the Portuguese.

After the break, got Portugal soon a perfect opportunity for the Iranians. Ronaldo was mistakenly shot down by Ezatolahi, but the videoref had to intervene in order to determine whether that error is within or outside the penaltygebied happened. Referee Caceres from Paraguay pointed to the spot with Cristiano Ronaldo behind the ball seemed to be the 0-2 is just a formality. The unthinkable happened however when Beiranvand the good angle chosen and the ball stopped: Iran remained in the contest.

VAR is once again playing a starring role

The party degenerated later, in an at times bright spectacle. Ronaldo got a handsome action a new chance, but threw a gauge in addition. The time was running out for the Iranians, and as they become more and more forward went, there were large holes in the back. The Portuguese verkwanselden their chances however, Adrien Silva threw one very good possibility is high. In the meantime, escaped Ronaldo to a red card after he started gave them to Morteza Pouraliganji. The ref took out again the VAR, but kept it eventually with “only” a yellow card.

Iran looked like all the opportunities lost to have to the VAR plots in the stoppage time again had to intervene after an alleged handsbal of Cédric. Caceres pointed ultimately to the dot, the sunken Ansarifard put to. Not even a minute later, popped Taremi a huge chance on the 1-2 in the zijnet. 1-1 would be ultimately the end position to continue. Portugal is by the tie of Spain second in group B and met in the eighth finals Uruguay, the winner from group A. Iran is turned off.

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