Players lost in Thai cave

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BANGKOK – A rescue team from the Thai navy fights against a ticking clock and a rising water level, to the twelve boys from a soccer team and their trainer to escape from a flooded cave in the north of the country.

The bicycles that the football players to the cave reason, stand still at the entrance.

The boys in the age group of 11 to 15 years of sitting since Saturday afternoon with their 25-year-old coach stuck in the Tham Luang cave in the province of Chiang Rai. Several attempts to find them came to nothing.

Yet, said the vice-governor of the province, Pasakorn Boonyalak at the end of the afternoon there to have confidence in the young football players and their trainer still life. The rescue teams have foot – and handprints found in dry soil in places in the cave, which have not yet been reached by the water. Boonyalak: “I think they are all still alive, but probably exhausted.”

It was raining today, still in the area and in some parts of the cave the water is now five feet high. The rescue teams to try a large space deep in the cave to reach, where the thirteen are possible. That space is about four kilometers from the entrance of the cave, which is estimated to be six to eight kilometers long.


According to a forester in the area is the passageway to the large space very narrow, flooded and clogged with sand and mud. At the direction of the villagers was with helicopters a narrow shaft found, that the space would lead. There is food and water dropped with notes on which the boys calls at the same place waiting on rescue workers as they can find food.

The search began after a mother the police had alarmed that her son after the football was not coming home. The cave in a mountainous area near the border with Myanmar is a tourist attraction, but it can fill up with water during the rainy season from June to October. At the entrance of the cave is indicated that access is prohibited without permission of the park rangers.

The question is also how the boys out of the flooded cave to get if they are alive to be found. The rescue teams to them in the cave learning to be a to use scuba equipment and submerged pieces to the outside. Another possibility is the setting up of a tent on high ground in the cave and wait until the water drops.

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