Paris Jackson: my grandfather has not tweets

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The mysterious tweet that the sick Joe Jackson – father of the late Michael Jackson would have sent about his health does not come from him. That has his granddaughter Paris said.

“It’s a great tweet but it’s troubling that the person behind this account is abusing the situation. My grandpa has this not tweeted. I’m not even sure if he is this account at all has ever used,” says Paris.

The conscious tweet went up Monday, viral. “I have more sunsets than I can see. The sun is coming up when the time is right and you do it well, like it or not: the sun is going down when it is so”, there was a photo of 89-year-old Jackson when he stares at the horizon.


The daughter of the late Michael Jackson put not only what is right. She owes Monday, everyone for the many statements of support. “Thank you for your love in this difficult time,” she writes. Monday is also exactly nine years ago her father died.

The old Jackson has been a while, ill and is struggling with an incurable form of cancer.

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