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OVERVIEW. Final weekend starts today: who’s already posted and who’s been eliminated?

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Today begins the third and last match day in the group stage of the world cup. For a lot of teams will be the last team contest will be decisive, but after England and Belgium are Sunday placed for the 1/8th finals are now 8 countries mathematically sure of power off. Also, in addition to England and Belgium, there are 4 countries who all could place. An overview.

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In group A, can Egypt and Saudi Arabia, with their mutual duel just won’t do. Both countries lost their matches against Russia and Uruguay, and will be Monday only for the honor fight. The two seeded countries will at the same time, to determine the group winner.

Mode group A:

1) Russia – 6
2) Uruguay – 6
3) Egypt – 0
4) Saudi Arabi – 0

In group B , is the fairy tale for Morocco finally over. It plays on Monday against Spain, but has nothing more to win. Both Spain and Portugal have in that group by 4 points, too many to have to make. Iran could be the 1/8th finals also, but none of these three countries is sure of qualification.

Mode group B:

1) Spain – 4
2) Portugal – 4
3) Iran – 3
4) Morocco – 0

In group C should the Peruvians Tuesday to say goodbye to the world cup, during their match against Australia. The Australians have 1 point, which is enough to still have a chance on qualification, if they Tuesday win. Denmark plays in which group against the already placed France, and may, by a loss is still second place, losing to the Socceroos.

State group C:

1) France – 6
2) Denmark – 4
3) Australia – 1
4) Peru – 0

In group D , all teams still have chances of qualification. Croatia is already sure of a place in the knock-out stages, but Nigeria, Iceland, and Argentina have yet to full on the tank to make their stay in Russia a little further.

State group D:

1) Croatia – 6
2) Nigeria – 3
3) Iceland – 1
4) Argentina – 1

In group E state of Costa Rica all alone at the bottom with 0 points, and is certainly off. Navas, Ruiz and co must be Wednesday or even record against the Swiss. The other three countries must, however, inter are still fighting for qualification.

Balance group E:

1) Brazil – 4
2) Switzerland – 4
3) Serbia – 3
4) Costa Rica – 0

In group F, state of Mexico is already one and a half leg in the 1/8th finals, and the Wednesday at one point against Sweden enough to themselves to group winners to crown. For South Korea the trip to Russia, in all likelihood, the same day as their match against Germany will not win. If the South Koreans win the world champion, however, and Mexico wins, of Sweden, on goal difference, arriving to determine who is next to Mexico in the group stage survives. Sweden and Germany both have a good chance at qualification, but will all the stops have to meet in order to outdo each other. Both countries are currently equal in terms of goal difference, made and collected to score.

Stand group F:

1) Mexico – 6
2) Germany – 3
3) Sweden – 3
4) South Korea – 0

In group G , Belgium and England mathematically sure of the 1/8th finals, and will take place on Thursday to determine who the group wins and who finishes second. Both countries, like Germany and Sweden are equal in terms of goal difference, made and received goals, and in the case of a tie will the Fair Play rules determine who is in which half of the table will end up. Currently, England is according to rule in favor for group profit, because the only two yellow cards picked up, and the Red Devils all three. Both Tunisia as Panama have 0 points and are therefore all switched off, but work Thursday but still have a mutual duel.

Stand group G:

1) England – 6
2) Belgium – 6
3) Tunisia – 0
4) Panama – 0

In group H is after the second day, only Poland turned off. After two defeats in a row, first against Senegal, and on Sunday night again against Colombia, Lewandowski and co. are mathematical, not more places for the knock-out stages. Japan and Senegal are both standing with 4 points in the lead, but Columbia may with a victory against Senegal still qualify, or a draw if Japan loses to Poland. Both matches will be Thursday at 16h Belgian time finished. The team that finishes second in group H will be in the 1/8th finals to compete against the group winners from group G, and the group winners in group H is against the land that the second place in group G holds. Japan, Senegal, and Colombia are the possible opponents of the Red Devils.

Balance group H:

1) Japan – 4
2) Senegal – 4
3) Colombia – 3
4) Poland – 0

Complete overview:

Posted: Russia and Uruguay (group A), France (group C), Croatia (group D), England and Belgium (group G)

Disabled: (Egypt and Saudi Arabia (group A), Morocco (group B), Peru (group C), Costa Rica (group E), Tunisia, and Panama (group G), Poland (group H).

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