OSCE: Erdogan and the party favoured in Turkey

362049c40b2ce8821b9e85d870bd091f - OSCE: Erdogan and the party favoured in Turkey

ANKARA – Sitting president Erdogan and the ruling party AK have in their election campaign a lot of benefit from their dominant position. So there was in the media a lot more space for them than for the opposition. That conclusion by observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) about the Turkish elections on Sunday.

The state of emergency imposed for nearly two years, created obstacles for the campaigns of the opposition parties. So were caucuses less often allowed, and it was the freedom of speech, said the OSCE.

In a preliminary report, let the organization know they are satisfied with the high turnout during the elections. However, observers a more prominent police presence has been observed in polling stations compared to previous elections.

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