Nearly 1.7 million tv-viewers-on-one for the Red Devils against Tunisia

The voetbalfeest of the Red Devils against Tunisia (5-2) at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia is on one followed by an average of 1.691.953 tv viewers. That meant in the early Saturday afternoon, have a market share of 92.6 percent. That makes the VRT-press office announced today.

At the peak followed 1.903.741 tv viewers, this second groepstreffen of Belgium.

The opener against Panama (3-0) was followed by an average of 2.068.476 viewers, good for a market share of 85,8 percent.

On la Une (RTBF) saw 1.298.636 tv-viewers to the goals of Romelu Lukaku, Eden Hazard and Michy Batshuayi. The market share (89,6 percent) is the highest score for the RTBF since the start of audiometry in 1997, and was the public television channel known.

Of the other weekendwedstrijden knew Poland-Colombia (average 961.209 viewers), the most viewers to attract one, followed by Germany-Sweden (891.600).

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