Naked Japanese (82) after thirty years of island

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SOTOBANARI – The 82-year-old Masafumi Nagasaki may not go back to the island where he spent thirty years in voluntary lives. His last wish was to die, but the Japanese government does not allow this.

Nagasaki, known as the ’naked hermit’, decided in 1989 in the direction of the island to the southwest of the Japanese island of Okinawa. It pleased well, and the Japanese – who are presumably at work heard about the mysterious place – decided to stay.

The island Sotobanari, near Taiwan, is just a kilometer long and there is little running water. It is one of the few Japanese islands where almost no one lives, even the fishermen stay away. The man – who after a few years decided that he is freer felt without clothing became well-known after 2012 Reuters a documentary made about him.

“I don’t want to move, I want this island to protect, and that’s where I want my life to give. I will never be such a paradise. Here I have myself never sad felt,” he said in the interview. “My wish is to die without that I people lastigval. I don’t want to get sick or injured. I want to be killed by a hurricane so no one me can save.”

Still sick

Unfortunately, it was Nagasaki still sick and he had in april to be transferred to another ’inhabited’ island, where he himself still against resistance. It is now better with him, but back he may not. “He probably had a flu, but they would not let him go,” said a source at

About his past is little known. He would have married and had two children. Before he left, would Nagasaki have worked in a factory in Osaka.

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