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Mural Keith Haring turned up in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a mural by Keith Haring richer. The work of the in 1990, the artist who died more than thirty years, but sat for a long time hiding behind the insulation boards.

The American artist Keith Haring (1958-1990) had in 1986 a solo exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and got out of the museumbestuur also a brick wall of one of the depots is available. That painted he with a giant mermaid with hondenkop, in white paint.

With fifteen to twelve metres, it is the largest mural of Keith Haring in Europe, but for a long time the drawing is not visible. Two years later the wall, after all, covered with aluminum panels to keep the temperature in the building to better regulate, and so the stored works of art to protect.

Not everyone was in the drawing, however, forgotten. Thanks to the efforts of the Amsterdam graffitiartiest Esther Means (Mick la Rock), that of the existence knew, the museum has decided to make the panels of the former depot on the site of the Central market halls and make the mural visible again. It was last week unveiled again. Experts of the Keith Haring Foundation emphasize that restoration is required.

For the best view of the artwork you have on the car park of the Food Center are, and that is not freely accessible. The work is partially seen from the Willem de Zwijgerlaan. Though the imminent redevelopment of the site may be able to ensure that in the near future everyone in the drawing in its full glory may discover, according to Dutch media.


Very special moment this morning: the Amsterdam KEITH HARING mural sees daylight (and rain) after being hidden for 30 years. We were there to witness and celebrate this together with @vroomandvarossieau @municipal @jasperkrabbe @ballastnedam @volkerwesselsinbeeld @keithharingfoundation @gemeenteamsterdam and the famous restorers Will Shank and Antonio Rava. #veryspecialmoment #keithharing #dreamcomestrue #amsterdamkeithharing #saveourharing #urbancontemporaryart #graffitiart #mural #1986

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It took 2 full days to take off the cladding but-wow – here it is: our Amsterdam Keith Haring (1986). The paint is in a delicate state and needs restoration. The building, too. Let’s hope for the best as this project goes along! To all parties involved: THANK YOU! ??. #keithharing #keithharingmural #amsterdamkeithharing #mural #1986 #marktkwartier #foodcenteramsterdam #graffitiart #urbancontemporaryart #streetart

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