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Martinez prepared ‘whole team’ to exchange

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Roberto Martinez announced last weekend that he has a lot of bills will carry in his team. But now he says even that it is an option for everyone to replace. ‘We are preparing for two matches, not only against England.’

Roberto Martinez will leave all options open. “The whole team change? That may be an option. Because everyone deserves to play at the world cup. No one place is guaranteed. The first goal was the qualification. Now we have a strong team to draw up, taking account of the yellow cards and the physical state of some players. Because it would be very unprofessional for the guys with a yellow card to play.”

Roberto Martinez is not to say that a second place is more interesting for Belgium. “It is too early to be saying this. We want to win every match, but a world cup you have to look at yourself. We view everything day by day. We are risking a few suspensions and we want the guys with the yellow cards will not be missed in the knock out phase. I also believe in the other guys, not only in the eleven that have already played. The goal is now to everyone ready to receive it. We have two matches to prepare for. We work not only to England but also to the match then. The match against England is a good opportunity for the boys-minute to forgive and to grow in the tournament.”

ukaku has still need some time

The three players with a yellow card – De Bruyne, Vertonghen, and Meunier – so Thursday is definitely not in action. But also Mertens, Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku have some physical problems.

Lukaku was also the only yesterday is not on the bus was that the players to the training center in Dedovsk brought. ‘Mertens had a problem with his ankle. It goes well with him. He will have tomorrow to train. Eden Hazard will also be okay get. Only Romelu Lukaku has a bit more time is needed. We had a scan today and that was positive. We now need to wait 24 hours to know whether he will be able to play against England, but there is no damage in his ankle.’

For the first time in Russia in training: Vincent Kompany. “He is medically fit, so in that respect he would be able to play against England. Tuesday we should see if he voetbalvlak also ready to play. He now has two sessions done, without any response. Also with Thomas Vermaelen going well. He was on the bench against Tunisia.’

Roberto Martinez is looking forward to the duel with England, where he for many years worked. “A lot of people in our group and staff have a link with England. It is different now that we have them now both the teams are already placed. Then it would be harder otherwise. Now we sit both with a good feeling. It will, therefore, not emotional, but rather a kind of celebration.’

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