Lynn Van Royen is ‘The Luizenmoeder’

13b1d2befad83b0218430fd5c3e74f2d - Lynn Van Royen is 'The Luizenmoeder'

For her role in ‘Beau Séjour’, she was acclaimed, and again know they have a key role to play. Lynn Van Royen takes the role of “luizenmoeder”, in the Flemish remake of the Dutch success story.

‘The Luizenmoeder’ is since the beginning of this year in the Netherlands and has already proved a success with nothing but critical acclaim and unprecedented ratings. VTM start this summer with the recordings for the Flemish remake. The comic series takes place in a primary school with Els Dottermans as miss Ank and Tom Audenaert as a school principal. There may already even laughed with the behavior of parents, school staff and the children. The school is a reflection of the contemporary world, with its own schoolpleinregels, parking management, hangouders, tienminutengesprekken, klassenapp-groups and … luizenmoeders. When the series is broadcast, will be announced later.

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