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Lierse Kempenzonen crawl gradually back from the deep valley and with René Trost new trainer: “Feels like coming home”

0121c100a1234cf07c38fe1c3823309b - Lierse Kempenzonen crawl gradually back from the deep valley and with René Trost new trainer: “Feels like coming home”

The 53-year-old René Trost is the new trainer Lierse Kempenzonen. The Dutchman, who has a contract signed for the duration of two seasons, was announced today in the Herman Vanderpoortenstadion proposed. Just like T2 Nico Van Kerckhoven. The ex-Red Devil has a contract of indefinite duration at Lierse Kempenzonen. René Trost was in the season of 2005 and 2006 trainer at Lierse.

“I recognize a few faces from when I was here a few years ago was working as a trainer. So this is back a little home”, began René Trost. “What was I 12 years ago, and as proud as peacocks when I was coach of Lierse. They had a few years before, in the Champions League and if I become a coach. It was a separate year. I saved the club from relegation, but then didn’t more with the separation result. And now, here I am again on the Lisp”.

René Trost remained the goings-on at Lierse after his resignation, however, continue to follow. “I even did frequent contact with people of Lierse. I was here last year a few times in the stadium, but that had to do with my job as a scout. I was really moved when I heard that Lierse suddenly was declared bankrupt. Then I did what rondgebeld and some people, a heart under the belt stung. I also heard about the reconstruction of the club. That aroused my interest, however, because the new Lierse would also have a coach should have? And I had so very much want to be a trainer to get started”, he continued René Trost

Lierse Kempenzonen sat together at the table with René Trost and the agreement was quickly around. “Now think not that I myself have taken the step I have to take my candidacy to serve. No, the question is whether I trainer wanted to be came from the club. And I am that challenge. I believe in this new story. Together with Nico Van Kerckhoven I want to here something very beautiful set up. I’m going with Nico to ensure that the new Lierse back where it belongs and that is in the highest section of course. A club with such a rich history hears no more at home. I know the players are not really good but with the support and knowledge of the people around me will soon be the case”, explained René Trost.

Lierse Kempenzonen creeps slowly again from deep valley

With René Trost and Nico Van Kerckhoven has Lier Kempenzonen so a new trainersduo proposed. The group CEO Yorik Torreele is pressure in the again from the ashes of Lierse SK again something great to put on the Lisp. Of ambition is lacking at the board, it certainly does not. In terms of infrastructure is also a moustache in the Herman Vanderpoortenstadion. On the sporting aspect of the club is also plenty of work to do.

“We are now some twenty days occupied with the new club Lierse Kempenzonen”, said Yorik Torreele. “We have on the field enhancement achieved with Youssef Boulaouali, Francesco D’onofrio and Alvis Da Silva. With Yoni Buyens, the contract was broken open and renewed. There are still a few names to recover in the coming weeks. And we already have a very strong core of Oosterzonen. That should also not be forgotten. With this we can start to build. Furthermore, we have the name and the logo of Lierse can keep.”

“Soon, we also want the site to give life to”, he continued as far as. “By 12 July will also be the exact name of this new club to be announced. Friday start the abonnementenverkoop. The goal is to as quickly as possible, a pack of subscriptions to sell. We put plenty on the youth. There is still a lot of work on the shelf here at the club but we have the right people in the right place to make sure that everything as quickly as possible.”

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