Katie Price shows baby daughter again

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Katie Price has her daughter Princess seen again, after her ex Peter Andre children, preferably in her wanted to keep away.

Katie Price

Their joint children, Junior (13) and Princess (10) by Peter Andre with him kept at home after the school holidays, when he had spent. Through the wild feestgedrag of Katie, he wanted them not to return to their mother.

But the ten-year-old posted on social media a video of himself, singing with her mother in the car. Katie posted himself Sunday night a tribute to her children and her new boyfriend Kris Boyson (29). They called him a great man, because he assisted in ” one of the most difficult times, where ever they through had to’. “I wish I was him years earlier had met, he is such a real man.”

Although Katie Price has agreed with Peter Andre’s proposal to the children for the time being with their father to let them live, let them be OK! know very disappointed that they are not even on her 40th birthday could be.

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