Kasper van Kooten plays with Pschorr

63f3c3525742f0fdddacc76ca5035a99 - Kasper van Kooten plays with Pschorr

Kasper van Kooten is after the summer holidays back with his show Pschorr Kooten. The show attracts the country for a select number of events, club settings and festivals.

The actor founded in 2013 with the Tobacco Theater in Amsterdam Pschorr Kooten on, with a nod to the work of his grandfather, in the years ’50 Scheveningen Palais de Danse led. Two seasons brought Kasper and his band of danceclassics from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

“At the peak we were in the Vondelpark open air theatre with our sweatbands and leg warmers for a crowd of three thousand men to play,” says Kasper. He introduces this year a new variant: Pschorr The Movies. This show revolves around the best dance film and tv music, where Kasper short anecdotes about scenes, actors and pop stars tells. “Old-school dance music and good stories, which is actually what this is all about,” says Kasper.

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