Joke Devynck and Baloji in new Flemish jeugdfilm

b47b78fef1adb752d25bcce36d7ebaa3 - Joke Devynck and Baloji in new Flemish jeugdfilm

On July 16, to start the recordings for ‘Binti’, the first langspeelfim of Frederike Migom. In addition Baloji and Joke Devynck, steal two young actors the show: Bebel Tshiani and Mo Baker. That last made his film debut already in ‘don’t Shoot’ by Stijn Coninx.

The film tells the story of 11-year-old Binti, played by Bebel Tshiani. She dreams of a career as a well-known Youtube vlogger. When she’s with her dad on the flight must be for the police, which threatens them out of the country to convert, she should have her dream store.

But, each child should still be able to dream? That position wants to Frederike Migom ‘Binte’ give. “As a child I had the wildest dreams. But some children have been so busy with survival that they have no time to dream. Binti was raised in Belgium, she speaks the language and has many friends here, but they live in extreme uncertainty, because they may one day be sent back to a country that they don’t know,” says the director. Along the way learn Binti Elias (played by Mo Baker), who hides in his tree house after an argument with his mother. Soon Binti a genius plan devised… starring Elias’ mom (Devynck) and her own dad (Baloji). ‘Binti’ is produced by Bulletproof Cupid (Cloudboy, Storm – Letters from fire…), in co-production with Kwassa Films. The jeugdfilm can count on the support of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund, Flanders Image, La Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles, BNP Paribas Fortis Film Finance, the Tax Shelter of the Belgian federal government and Ketnet.

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