Johan Vlemmix late claim to fall in sekspoppenzaak against Patricia Mine

c7e47db63740be4b6eb16e27b83fd016 - Johan Vlemmix late claim to fall in sekspoppenzaak against Patricia Mine

Johan Vlemmix sees from a claim of 2 tons against Patricia Mine in the sekspoppenzaak.

That writes the AD. Mine would still be 30,000 euros, see Vlemmix. This week should be clear whether that amount will actually get.

Vlemmix actually wanted to make money of Mine, because he duped. The entrepreneur wanted a life-sized sex doll of Mine on the market after her a plasseksvideo online was published.

Mine said that her reputation once again was affected and filed a claim of 30,000 euros. Then came Vlemmix with a counter-claim of 2 tons, based on “loss of income”.

“If I would win, would the money to a good cause, but she has that amount yet, so why all the trouble to do that,” said Vlemmix against the AD. “I pull it just out of sympathy for her.”

The entrepreneur thinks not that he is Mine the requested 30,000 euros to pay. “It was just an idea that I once suggested. I do not have a doll made, there is not even a command went out by the door, she can never win.”


The 69-year-old Mine also has a case against GeenStijl , because of the leaked types of xxx sex. The judge had at the end of may prompted the two sides together, wanted to see if they have a settlement could take, but recently it became known that that was not successful. The right hand is doing at the end of July ruling in that case.

Mine complained GeenStijl after the website, a video was posted that showed how the singer of sexual acts performed. She demands a compensation of 450,000 euros for moral and material damage.


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