’Historic opportunity’ for Macedonia

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The Hague – As Macedonia the naamskwestie with Greece has been resolved and proceed as in the North-Macedonia, the European Commission has no objections to the negotiations with the balkan country to start accession to the EU. Before the European Foreign ministers Tuesday in Luxembourg to decide on further expansion, the Macedonian prime minister, Nikola Dimitrov, a final call on the Netherlands to the accession talks not to block.

Nikola Dimitrov.

You was in the Second Room, consulted with minister’s Block, and promises you a box of the famous Macedonian tomatoes for whom the accession negotiations were based. Apparently you are not assured of the good outcome.

I think we have a good story. That I would like to tell. We are a political crisis came and have, as a country, a massive turnaround. We live according to European values, and making real progress in improving the quality of our rule of law, free press, fight against crime and corruption.

There are still worries about the transparency of appointments, about the business environment. That is not just go away if your country tomorrow the negotiations.

Correct. But it’s not that tomorrow we join the EU. We are since 2005 in the waiting room. Since then we have been nine times, a position recommendation, but by the naamskwestie we have many EU-trains missed. Currently, there is a historic opportunity to make it right.

From your perspective. But what has the EU?

You saw in migratiecrisis all that we have for the Balkan route is in fact already acted as the external border of the EU. The Union may, with our successes to show in a time that the EU’s successes and needs. Churchill said: ’the Balkans produce more history than they can consume’. This is our chance to us in the future. We are at a historic crossroads: either we go back to old friends, with uncertain outcome, or we add the us to a European style of society and to use the accession negotiations that we are worth it and that this is the Europe that we love.

According to some it is a matter of geopolitics: soon the western Balkans there before the Russians with the booty off.

That is a risky argument. Geopolitics can and should never be a reason for joining. Stronger still: if we accession politics, the process will fail. The only way to make this a success is to properly get rid of political overtones.

The accession of Romania and Bulgaria is, according to many, too quickly and carelessly gone. What can you learn from it?

I am a minister of a candidate member is not in the position to judge on EU member states. But I can be found in the arrangement of the Dutch government, the EU rules for extension strictly and honestly needs to maintain. The accession process is now more stringent. I think that’s good.

There is still a referendum on the name change to North Macedonia. The population that would never accept? And then?

I think I am. The agreement with Greece, put a point behind the question about our identity. Our language is Macedonian. Our country is called Northern Macedonia. This is the confusion with the Greek region at the end.

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