Henny Huisman (67) old ‘high-very disappointing’

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Henny Huisman has “definitely” trouble in mind that he is older. The presenter recently celebrated his 67th birthday.

“I find the quality very disappointing to be a parent to be, or perhaps better said to be old. I do not feel old so I am not old, period,” says the presenter, in conversation with The Telegraph.

However, getting up a lot harder than it used to and notes Huisman, who in June 2017 he broke his arm and still need to recover, “more will be better”. “You swallow a pill for the one and the other and that will never otherwise be, there are only pills at. Realistically, you also know that you longest time you’ve had.”

A day doing nothing is not an option for the presenter. “My father went to, for example, with 57 years of age. He went himself immediately as an old man worn. I want to avoid at all times. You have a purpose in life and you especially do not conform to your age.”

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