Heather Locklear in the cell due to abuse agent and ambulancebroeder

Heather Locklear is the second time in a few months, was arrested for assault. The actress hit and kicked a police officer and a ambulancemedewerker.

The 56-year-old Melrose Placeactress was Sunday night at about midnight arrested for the assault, reports TMZ. The emergency services were called by a family member of Locklear because the actress is under heavy influence, and the order disturbed.

The actress was very aggressive and when a cop her way, trying to keep some of the family members, it would be the wetsdienaar have beaten.

Hereinafter, arrived also an ambulance. When the actress on the stretcher was laid, and kicked it a ambulancemedewerker.

The actress is currently fixed and is out on bail, free. To do this, there is an amount of $ 20,000 to be paid (over 17,000 euro, red.).

Last week, Locklear to a psychiatric hospital, because they would have threatened himself of life to rob. In February, the actress also arrested because they are after an arrest, which followed after a big dispute caused with her boyfriend, a cop kicked and beat.


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