Heather Locklear again arrested

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Heather Locklear is again in the shackles struck. According to TMZ flew the fallen actress Sunday, a policeman and a ambulancebroeder.

Heather Locklear in better times

The emergency services were late Sunday turned on by a family member of Locklear, who under the influence would have been. When the agent arrived and tried to Locklear of her family to separate, shared the actress a blow out. Also an ambulance was called. One of the brothers got a kick when he tried Locklear on a stretcher.

Locklear was for research for a hospital and could then immediately to the police station. According to TMZ, she sits still, her deposit is $ 20,000.

The Melrose Place actress was last week forced included in a psychiatric hospital because they are unstable and threatened themselves what to do. At the end of February, she was also arrested for the assault of a agent.

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