Greek protest against change of name Macedonia

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ATHENS – a Few hundred Greeks are Monday clashed a hit with the police when they are in the city of Thessaloniki is a presentation of the government party Syriza were trying to disrupt. Syriza wanted to give an explanation about the agreement that Athens has reached with Macedonia about the name change of the former Yugoslav republic of.

Alexis Tsipras and his colleague Zoran Zaev are relieved about the agreement reached.

After dozens of years of consultation, the two countries agreed that Macedonia (now Republic of Northern Macedonia will be known. In both countries came to criticism of the agreement. Nationalist Macedonians wanted the old name does not specify. Also, many Greeks reacted indignantly. Greece has a historic region of Macedonia which is called.

In Thessaloniki, shouted protesters Monday evening, nationalist and right-wing extremist slogans. They called prime minister Alexis Tsipras a “traitor” and said that Macedonia is Greek. Also threw the demonstrators stones at the police. Who used more tear gas to the rioters to disperse.

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