Germany suspends staff for provocative behavior after the duel with Sweden

The German football association DFB has Monday, two staff members of the ‘Mannschaft’ for the time being on non-active status because of their behavior after the 2-1 won world cup match against Sweden last Saturday.

Team leader, Georg Behlau and Ulrich Voigt of the media department celebrated the winning hit in overtime of Toni Duckweed to the bank of Sweden to run and to cheer. It led to angry reactions and a lot of turmoil down the line.

Coach Janne Andersson had no good word to say about the action. “We have 95 minutes, fought on the field. As the final whistle sounds, you give each other a hand and go your way, but some Germans did not behave in a decent way and rubbed it in.”

Reinhard Grindel, president of the DFB, offered direct apologies to his Swedish colleague. The disciplinary committee of FIFA has opened an investigation.


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