Former NATO boss Solana won’t just get access to United States

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Will javier Solana, the former secretary-general of NATO, have to travel to the U.S., he must apply for a visa.

Javier Solana, former secretary-general of NATO, has no electronic travel authorization for the United States.

ESTA is called something like that. With ESTA to nationals of the European Union, no visa applications for travel of less than three months to the USA. The electronic travel authorization can be given via the internet, a short time before the displacement.

But Solana was given that permission. Reason is that he was a few years ago to Iran, went to negotiate about the nuclear agreement with Tehran.

Solana made the news itself known in an interview with the Spanish television station Antena 3. He calls it a ‘what small-minded decision ” of the Americans. “People should go to the most complicated countries to go to, negotiations to continue. What I find most shockeert, is that those persons in the same way be treated as the others’ when it comes to be admitted to the U.S., according to the former NATO boss.

What Solana is happening is actually normal. Since 2015 can people who have been to Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen have traveled, no longer appeal to ESTA. They must apply for a visa. The restriction applies, in principle, not for government officials. But Solana is not a government official.

Solana, who in the interview said that the refusal of the debt is of ‘algorithm’ will still try in the USA to get. He is professor at several universities.

The scheme around ESTA and visits to countries such as Iran, is not a decision of the current president of Trump but of his predecessor. The French ambassador in America, Gérard Araud, wrote therefore, on twitter that he was the commotion around Solana a bit strange. ‘Dozens of European professors, members of parliament and businessmen have the same experience as Solana.’

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