First images, Glennis Grace in GTA online

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The first images of Glennis Grace’ audition for America’s Got Talent Monday night. On the video, that is spread by Billboard, is to see how the Dutch singer and presents himself to the jury. It is also a part of her audition to see, where the chairman of the jury Simon Cowell impressed seems.

Glennis Grace Holland sings Hazes 2018.

Glennis tells the jury that she is a eleven year old son and that he would like to see that his mother her dreams deliver. “Since an early age, I already knew that I was made to for a large audience to sing,” says Glennis, who admits to being a little nervous. Then the song Run To You of Whitney Houston in.

Tuesday is clearly or Glennis the next round has taken off in the show. Then her audition broadcast in America. To the talent show to watch every week, more than eleven million Americans.

In may took Glennis already known that they are participating in America’s Got Talent.

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