First Hotel Römantiek-marriage

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The first marriage that results from the FOUR-program Hotel Römantiek ” is a fact. Rosa (73) and Jos (62) gave each other Saturday, the yes-word in the town of Rumst.

‘A nice holiday’, they thought to themselves, when they subscribed for the first season of the datingsprogramma. And or the nice vacation in Switzerland was with the gang of 60+’ers and the three couplers of service: Otto-Jan Ham, Sven De Leijer and Frances Lefebure. Still beat cupid a few times good touch. When Rosa and Jos hit the spark only on the last day of the trip, but since then they are inseparable.

The two were on their loyalty. He in his red tie, she in a fiery red dress. “First, she tried a white dress, then a champagne-coloured. Very nice, but not “rosa” enough. They have flames. I was also in fire and flame when I her saw,” says Jos to The Latest News. Their other candidates and friends ‘Hotel Römantiek’ should of course not be missing out on the festive spirit.

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