Fire alarm disrupts broadcast Edwin Evers

0a2631bdff4b4d385974a4b9b9a4ec19 - Fire alarm disrupts broadcast Edwin Evers

Edwin Evers and his team are working on a troubled ochtendshow Monday morning. For a moment, consider went the fire alarm off in the studio, but the dj continued his program uninterrupted…

“The fire department is still here for the property. The siren goes again,” said Edwin. The dj and his sidekicks are not yet planning for the studio to leave. “We’ll keep it just in the holes of people. As soon as deafening silent on the transmitter, we are equally in the garden.”

On Twitter to ask followers whether it was not better to have the show shut down. “So at 538 do they never ontruimingsoefeningen? The fire alarm is going off and the dj’s continue to just sit there…”

It is not yet known what is going on at the studio of Radio 538.

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