Fiance Aaron Hernandez gave birth to daughter

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The fiance of NFL star Aaron Hernandez, who last year committed suicide, gave birth to a daughter.

Shayanna and daughter Avielle in the court during the trial of Aaron Hernandez

Shayanna is on 16 June in the hospital in Rhode Island to give birth. There are rumors that Hernandez is the father of the child and that Shayanna pregnant hit would be because of the sperm of the footballspeler was frozen. According to TMZ this doesn’t and would Dino Guilmette, a amateurbkoser, the lucky. Aaron and Shayanna have a daughter together, Avielle.

Shaynna loved the pregnancy long secret, until a few months ago. Then let them know: “I can’t be happier that I have such a perfect little girl have to be prepared for it to be the best big sister ever to go, and I feel blessed that we still have a daughter welcome.”

Hernandez suicide last year committed suicide in his cell, where he was a lifelong imprisonment from sat for the murder of his brother-in-law.

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