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Fenna Ramos is shouting from the rooftops: she is the new face of NPO Zappelin. The actress, singer and presenter is “very happy” that they are the news Monday finally known. “I’ve been here for two months working on it, but it had to be ultra-quiet stay. Now it may finally out!”, says Fenna against BuzzE.

Fenna is from Tuesday to see the children of the public broadcaster. Sing, dance and stories is no problem for her, and also with Fenna’s knutselskills is it mustache. “I found that in the past all super fun to do and I did in high school, also called the way of innovation. I had music, drawing and manual work, and the boxes that you had to take. When I chose all very much for the creative side and I also found crafting very much fun to do.”

Grew Fenna on with sesame street. “I can still remember that I was at home sat on the sofa with my sister. I thought that was a really cool show, really nostalgia that it’s still at the Craft show. Further, I looked to Alfred Jodocus Kwak and Frog, but my sister and I were not such viewers. We went especially to outside and read books.”

Don’t dwell

That she herself as a child was active, collides according to Fenna with her new job. “No, that was a very different era. But now it seems like I come out of the world come on”, she laughs. “Now you have iPads, phones, and YouTube; the digital media is a huge thing now.” Fenna sees the media as a “huge window for children to learn.” “So you can reach them again. The nice thing about Craft is that we also Craft Go, where we, by means of stories to children to encourage sports activities and to move around. You still see that children are very active, only came in the time that I was young outside reflected and are now a lot of children also within active.”

Fenna take over the baton of Nienke van den Berg, who for eight years the face was of NPO Zappelin. “I want my own way, do it,” she says of her predecessor. Afraid that the young viewers are dropping out is Fenna. “Children are very flexible, they go and easy to change. The content remains mostly the same, the interpretation which I give is my personality.”

Just like Nienke is Fenna, for those who say the sky is not even the limit, plan several years in the face of the children to remain. “It is a very fine company, I work very fine with them together. And there is a huge opportunity to grow together and things to create. That is fine. Nothing is so obtained results as dwell.”

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