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Famous founders and investors: How are currencies to Crypto?

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Many critics see in Bitcoin the great Tulip mania. But what those say who have made a successful investment in a name?

Many critics are of the financial markets, Silicon Valley and crypto-currencies-wide and often have not a single Coin. We take a look at the investors, who had already in the past to have a knack with their decisions and actively involved with crypto-currencies employ. All the promise of crypto some other currencies, from a financial speculative profit, to improving the world. You are more or less in agreement that Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies at the beginning of their development and a prosperous future.

Jack Dorsey

The Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sees in Bitcoin for the future. The crypto-currency is, in his eyes, as the main currency for all of the other digital currencies. In ten years at the latest, it should be ready. Dorsey was reported in an Interview, however, also be open about the current shortcomings and problems of Bitcoin. He is not a lofty Idealist, but a Realist. Technical extensions and changes to the Blockchain to make Bitcoin even more people attractive. For this, Dorsey is yourself. In March of this year, he invested the equivalent of several million US dollars in the Lightning-Network-project. The aim of the project is to increase the speed of Bitcoin transactions significantly – to a level that makes the crypto-currency in the eyes of many to the masses.

Wences Casares

Wences Casares sits on the Board of Paypal and has made a name for itself as a Bitcoin Investor. He originally comes from Xapo, and has a crypto Background. Similar to Jack Dorsey, he is expected in the next five to ten years, large jumps in the crypto-currency. The value of the Bitcoins he estimates that over a Million US dollars over the period.

Bill Gates

The Name Bill Gates is associated for many with the technology group, Microsoft and less with current technological developments. But the Microsoft founder has longer depicted as an avowed advocate of crypto-currencies, but recently in a Reddit AMA unreflective some expressed criticism of crypto-currencies. Gates has concentrated since his departure from the organization, increasingly, international development assistance and the improvement of health standards. His Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the largest private foundations in the world. For Gates, the dissemination of payment solutions, and their costs are therefore an important consideration. Many people in developing countries still have no access to a Bank account. Crypto is a promising Option in the near future currencies are for you. Gates to measure the digital currencies have a large potential, especially in the Transformation of the financial economy.

John McAfee

The founders of the software manufacturer McAfee is the terrific growth in the next few years will probably be the most convincing. At least so confident that he would sacrifice his manhood for it. The price climb by the year 2020 at about US $ 500,000, McAfee is convinced. “If not, I’ll eat my best piece of live television”, he tweeted exactly a year ago. Later, he increased his forecast to a Million dollars. Whether this forecast can be achieved, it is doubtful. For him, Bitcoin is the new “gold standard” in the Internet age. In January 2018 he left his company, “in order to concentrate solely on crypto-currencies,” as he justified the step. John McAfee is not tired, to appear in the media. With the McAfee Redemption Unit, a combination of crypto and Fiat currency, its dispute with the SEC, or the recent tragic with a poison attack on him. The company’s founder knows exactly how to use the media and how it sets the scene. How much is up to his promises to it, we’ll see by 2020 at the latest on the TV – or not.

Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel is well known as a founder of PayPal on the side of Elon Musk is known and is considered one of the richest Business Angels in Silicon Valley. He not only proved with PayPal is a clever knack for the right Investment. The native German is also one of the first investors of Facebook. His Belief in Bitcoin led him even to make an Investment in BitPay, a payment service provider for Cryptocurrencies. He is firmly convinced of the success of crypto-currencies. The currency could improve in his opinion sustained the world.

Chamath Palihapitiya

The former Facebook Executive and founder of Social Capital’s Chamath Palihapitiya, sees crypto-currencies of the major disruptors in the financial markets. As a former investment banker, he emphasizes less the short-term speculative gains with Bitcoin, but the long-term changes in the financial market. Crypto-currencies have in his eyes the potential to change the markets in a sustainable way. Transaction costs and the participation of investors will increase significantly.

One sees that not all investors share the Position of Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett or George Soros. It is striking that the advocates come from the circles of the New Economy, while the harshest critics were often the times of the Old Economy rich.

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