Evan Rachel Wood helps migrants in Texas

75510a13f7cd439fda950d588a6f233c - Evan Rachel Wood helps migrants in Texas

Evan Rachel Wood has the last weekend, the hands from the sleeves in Texas. When they got there, the actress illegal immigrants and their children a heart under the belt.

“Since I have heard what all happened in our country, that the policy is to help children to separate from their parents, I wonder what I can do”, explained Evan on Instagram in a video. “So I am to Texas, flown to see how I can help.”

The thirty years ‘ Westworld actress saw, for example, that in the detention centres lack is to stuff as well as care products. So she drove to a supermarket to “what but in the boot fits”. On Instagram let them see what they were learning had bought: shoes, toothbrushes, billendoekjes, babysokjes, shampoo and soap. “Some organizations, such as the Red Cross, have no ‘permission’ given to stuff to donate”, wrote Evan a picture of them with her hands full of the grocery store runs. “But you can still donate.”

While she was in Texas was took, the actress is also the time for the children, who are often separated from their parents must wait to see if they are in the United States. “I have hours with the children played. They are so sweet, incredibly smart and creative. They have obviously been through a lot and have stuff and need medicine.”

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