European Commissioner start search for budget for temporary accommodation of migrants outside EU

008a65fae050a9e799b4f12d378d7b64 - European Commissioner start search for budget for temporary accommodation of migrants outside EU

European commissioner for Budget Günther Oettinger wants to short-term verse money search in the European budget for the shelter for migrants in North African countries to finance. A cost of 6 billion euros is, according to him, is not unrealistic. But Libya would not know of the plan.

That said Oettinger on Monday in Brussels. As soon as the countries concerned are ‘reliable partners’, the EU can, according to him, the funding available for the care of people in a closed village with good living conditions’.

If partners think Oettinger to governments or regional representatives, in countries such as Libya and Tunisia. They would be European money to refugees at specific locations in humane conditions, with sufficient water and food supply, clothing, health care and education for children.

European President Antonio Tajani suggested recently that there are six billion euros should be invested for similar agreements with African countries. That amount of money according to Oettinger ” is not far removed from the possible reality’.

Extra money

Oettinger wants in the European budgets of 2018, 2019 and 2020 free what can to such agreements, to finance, if necessary, with additional money from the states still on top.

The commissioner referred to the way in which the vluchtelingenakkoord with Turkey is funded. There have the European Union and the member states over the past few years, three billion euros were invested in the reception of refugees. Oettinger is expected also that there will be a further three billion euros is released.


Libya, however, want to absolutely not know of European ” regional ontschepingsplatformen’ for migrants on its territory. The Libyan deputy prime minister Ahmed Meitig that idea Monday during a visit of the Italian minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini to the capital of Tripoli categoriek shot.

Libya refuses categoriek to migrantenkampen to install”, said the deputy prime minister of the government of national unity (Ahmed Meitig. Libya wants to cooperate with the European Union to prevent illegal migration in dikes, sounded it, but concrete proposals are not there. The country has the leaders of the European countries around the Mediterranean Sea have been invited to participate in a migratietop in september in Tripoli.

Most of the boats with African migrants towards Europe want to travel, departing from Libya, often in the direction of Italy. Both countries have ‘much apart of the migratiecrisis, said Meitig, Libya, perhaps more than in Italy.

‘Third countries’

The president of the European Council Donald Tusk at the end of last week, a proposal placed on the table to make agreements with ‘third countries’ to closed shelters down to legs.

The heads of state and government of sixteen of the European member states met Sunday in Brussels to, inter alia, that the proposal to discuss, but concrete proposals were not yet out of the bus.

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