Erdogan looks only almighty thanks ultranationalisten

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President Erdogan is again the most popular Turkish politician. But the Turkish opposition, with empty hands, only comes from the success of the ultra-nationalist MHP party. “It is now our duty to maintain balance, to monitor.’

MHP: the right-wing ultra-nationalist party, maybe to a few ring a bell. Her unofficial wing, the ‘Grey Wolves’, perhaps for something more. From the seventies came to that …

MHP: the right-wing ultra-nationalist party, maybe to a few ring a bell. Her unofficial wing, the ‘Grey Wolves’, perhaps for something more. From the seventies came in the news with terrorist attacks, and threatening rhetoric. But today is the MHP a classic political party in Turkey. She has regeringservaring, a more moderate leader and a constituency that might be chauvinistic, but definitely not violent.

For these elections closed the MHP alliance with the AKP of president Erdogan. With 4 to 6 percent by polls judged to be the small, weak little brother. But yesterday surpassed the MHP all expectations, the party took at least 11 percent of the votes. And that while she didn’t even really campaign. MHP called on the voters to Erdogan to support, and limited its campaign to closed, provincial meetings. A huge contrast with the well-attended rallies of the left-republican Muharrem Ince of the CHP party.

Last night was the opposition (the alliance of the CHP, the nationalist IYI and the islamic Saadet Party), despite all expectations, even Erdogans parliamentary majority do not compete. That is only due to the MHP. AKP itself trappelt previously on the spot in parliament.

Not so loving the favoritism

The ultranationalisten are aware of their new power. According to the leader of the MHP, Devlet Bahceli, has his party ‘the large responsibility given to the balance monitor’. One day before the election showed the same Bahceli know tv channel Habertürk, that ” everything beyond will be like AKP was the mistakes of the past repeat’. What he concretely referred to is not so clear.

Ready to go and it was clear Bahceli’s warning that: “If the AKP does not have enough seats in the parliament, they for certain projects, and seek for support. But that is not a coalition, you would rather reconciliation, or cooperation.’

According to Turkey-watcher Dries Lesage (Ghent University) looks Erdogan now all-powerful, but he is absolutely not. “It is the nationalists who here greatly strengthened his come true.’

How should we result declare? “I think a lot of voters for Erdogan as a leader, but not more so tuk his party, the AKP,” says Lesage. ‘That bear, nonetheless, a perception of corruption and nepotism. Bahceli of the MHP has on that front is a much purer image.’

Analyst Guven Sak (Hurriyet) sees the future of Turkish democracy even positive: ‘A new period of coalition governments, and barter is reached. With stronger small parties will make the parliament more lively discussions. Erdogan will not have its new constitution, but now it is too late.’

‘A detailed program’

What the MHP is now basically going to do is still unclear. “They had very little detailed planning,” says Lesage. Itself has the party on the ‘strengthening of the solidarity and national unity’. ‘MHP stands for a strong, fairly authoritarian state and for “Turkey,” the first, ” says Lesage. ‘MHP wants Turkey, focusing especially on the private interests concentrated. And what the Kurdish question is concerned, the ultranationalisten traditionally not very flexible. They supported always the armed struggle against the PKK and denied a long time that there is even a Kurdish issue existed.’

However, close Lesage’t matter that the party of the ‘Grey Wolves’ are ready for a more pragmatic course. ‘Bahceli has already water with the wine is done, for example, when he was in the nineties, the death penalty for the Kurdish PKK leader Öcalan is not allowed to run. Or when he, in spite of the criticism, a coalition with the islamists closed. Many fiercely anti-Kurdish and Grey Wolves have switched from his party to the new party of Meral Aksener. I have a glimmer of hope that MHP now yet will develop a kind of solution for the Kurdish southeast. In politics, hardliners often best placed to peace negotiations to begin.”

Finally, Lesage yet that MHP is definitely not pro-Western party. The EU can therefore not hope that the relations with Turkey ‘just like that’ will brighten up. The party, which Erdogan now in a bridle, stands for a strong, quirky Turkey.

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