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EQUATORIA: German Coin starts with “Interactive Cooperativer offer” on 16. July 2018

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16. July 2018 is The EQUATOR-Coin with a “Interactive Cooperative offer” (ICO) at the Start. Issuer, the DBC meta chain EC & co. KG, based in Berlin. Your goal: cooperative principle, together, real economic projects, in order to make Blockchain, Mining and crypto-trading is faster, better and more efficient.

In addition to the usual opportunities by trading with crypto-currencies, the EQUATOR offers a special advantage: The buyer of the Coins to be a member of a cooperative. So you can benefit from tax-free distributions of profits and on the other hand, active projects, help to shape.

Safety, independence and full transparency are for us the highest priority. Therefore, we have opted for Germany as a business location and the insolvency safest legal form of a cooperative

Thomas Beyersdorf, Executive Board of the General partner DBC Deutsche BlockChain EC explained.

As co-entrepreneurs of the real economy projects, to bring forward

“In EQUATORIA, We count. Every member can help to steer as co-entrepreneurs the success,” emphasizes Björn Pusch, the second Board of Directors of the DBC Deutsche BlockChain EC, the cooperative Credo of the behind the EQUATOR the cooperative network, which operates under the umbrella brand “TrustInCoop”.

With his 30-strong Team of lawyers, Bank and insurance people, go buy IT and crypto professionals and entrepreneurs, he has already initiated a number of projects.

Some of them are nearing completion: 35 Kryptomaten for the exchange of crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and EQUATORIA in the Euro for the ready-to-use.

A cooperation with the worldwide operating Multi-technology company 3M for the promotion of Mining systems with Liquid-cooling is presented on the Cooling Days in October, and the electronica in November of 2018, to the Public.

Other projects, such as the establishment of a cryptographic payment system for retailers, the use of renewable energy for a resource-efficient “Green Mining,” as well as the establishment of a private crypto-trading platform – are also in development. The goal is to trade and exchange of crypto – and to make national currencies for everyday use. The other technologies are to be developed, the design of the enormous energy consumption, the Blockchain-technology, resource-friendly.

The Vision of the Evolution of the Blockchain for the “meta-chain” with a newly-developed “Proof of Trust”, a “Forward Scaling Algorithm”, as well as a significantly lower energy.

A private Foundation and a private Academy to complement with your social and educational offer of the social commitment of the cooperative group TrustInCoop.

Save the Date: Kick-off Event for the “Interactive Cooperative offer” of EQUATORIA in Berlin

The initiators invite all crypto enthusiasts to a Kick-off Event on the 13th, 14. 15. July to the headquarters to Berlin. Information for registration by E-Mail to Pre-info to the EQUATOR, there are from 30. June, 20.00 (CEST)

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